Snowhite celebrates 40th anniversary of operations in Oman

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MUSCAT: Snowhite, a commercial laundry company, was established in 1974 and as a subsidiary company under Yahya Group Holding today, is the oldest and largest commercial laundry and dry cleaning operation across the Sultanate of Oman.

The company noted that they were able to maintain their position as the market leader in the laundry and dry cleaning industry of Oman during the past 40 years.

Snowhite’s roots started in Ruwi, as Oman International Trading Company, with a small factory and two retail outlets.  They achieved phenomenal growth since that time with the main factory, now in Bausher, and three satellite processing factories in Sohar, Nizwa, and Salalah.  Retail outlets have grown to 42 stores across the country.  Snowhite will continue to launch more outlets strategically located for greater service to the growing market.  They have also won corporate laundry contracts in the military and hospital sectors during the 1990’s and since 2005 have expanded their service operations into the hotel and construction industries.  Through dedicated service and quality performance Snowhite has maintained all contracts from the date of inception. 

Oman International Trading Company (Services), as a laundry operation, was established by Yahya Mohammed Nasib in 1974 and became Snowhite Laundry (Sole Proprietary) in 1983.  During the 1990’s they grew substantially which led to the registration of the operation as Snowhite in the year 2000, now a subsidiary under Yahya Group Holding.

State-of-the-art facility
Snowhite’s expansion will continue by relocating its main factory in Bausher by the end of 2015/mid 2016 to Rusayl Industrial Estate.  There a new state-of-the-art laundry facility will be built to provide laundry services to a rapid developing market and to meet the growing needs of the customers. 

Snowhite affirmed that they would continue to strive in meeting the high expectations of the customers through continuous improved technology, innovation and customer satisfaction with the emphasis on quality, service, safety and the environment.

Article from Times of Oman, 23 February 2014

Dolphin Village adds more villas, second swimming pool

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Dolphin-Village-New-PoolDolphin Village, a premier residential resort community in Bausher, is happy to announce the addition of 70 villas & apartments and a second swimming pool. Reaching close to 100% occupancy with only eight apartments still available, Mrs. Natasha Yahya Nasib, a Director of Yahya Group Holding LLC, is excited about the progress and accompanied growth the Village has experienced.

Ms. Natasha states, “Yahya Group owns seven hotels in Europe and North America and we enjoy bringing our hospitality expertise to Oman and providing a community environment that has green space, numerous fountains & relaxing areas along with all our other amenities.”  She continues, “since we offer fully furnished & serviced homes for short term to long term leases as well as unfurnished residences; we offer options that most places cannot deliver.“  The entire complex is designed using a cross-cultural approach; Spanish-European architecture combines with traditional Middle Eastern towers, making Dolphin Village quite unique.

Originally, the Village opened as the Yahya-Costain Camp in 1974 and comprised of 11 villas; today there are a total of 278 luxury residences.  Dolphin Village strives to provide the most up-to-the-minute amenities around.  With a new clubhouse completed by July, Dolphin residents have a lot to look forward to.  This state-of-the-art clubhouse will boast a two-tiered full service restaurant & lounge, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the main pool area.  Above the clubhouse will be ten lavish apartments and five penthouse apartments with private sundecks.  Mr. Yahya Mohammed Nasib, Chairman, pledged “As we are close to completion, Dolphin Village will afford families a comfortable, convenient, safe community that will provide them with numerous recreational options.”

By August of this year the Dolphin Village expansion will be finished and a grand total of 337 residences will house families who seek a modern living experience in a central location.  At that time, Dolphin Village will have three pools, two gyms, a spa, two tennis courts, squash court, dance studio, aerobics room, children’s playground along with the numerous Dolphin fountain gardens.

Dolphin Village works hard to provide a scenic and embracing community for which its residents can be proud of and will celebrate 40 years of unprecedented innovation and allegiance this 2014.

Oman Economic Review magazine interview with Director Natasha Yahya Nasib

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natashaIn a number of family owned companies in the region, one finds the brothers running the business, with the sisters being relegated to a ceremonial role, within Yahya Group Holding LLC all the siblings are equal partners in the day-to-day operations. Natasha Yahya Mohammed Nasib, and her sister Nashia Yahya Nasib work closely with Yahya Mohammed Nasib, their father & Chairman of the company, and Naseeb Yahya Nasib, their brother, who is the Managing Director. “My father is a modern man who has never discriminated between us. My brother, who has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a second MBA in a hospitality & tourism program conducted by Cornell University and ESSEC in Paris, is the Managing Director, I am the Chief Operating Officer and a Director of the company and my sister Nashia, heads Marketing & Advertising and is also a corporate Director. This demonstrates my father’s full confidence in our abilities,” says Natasha.

Both Natasha & Nashia attended high school in Oman, before graduating college in Switzerland. “My father is a businessman and it was his dream that we all should carry on what he created and built and hence I pursued business administration with a minor in French.” As a part of Natasha’s college course work she underwent an internship at Costain’s in London. On her return to Oman, in 1993, she joined Snowhite LLC, the family’s dry cleaning business. As the Business Development Director of Snowhite she worked on bringing new projects and contracts. She also took special care of the staff by improving their status and work ethic, Natasha firmly believes the staff is the backbone of the company and without their wellbeing the company would not be the premier dry cleaner & laundry in the Sultanate. After years of learning the business and marketplace, Natasha became the head of Snowhite LLC.

Roles and responsibilities
Natasha is currently the Director who oversees Dolphin Village, a residential resort community and Snowhite Laundry. Dolphin Village is close to completing their expansion and by end of the third quarter of 2014, will be home to approximately 1,000 people. When finished, the complex will boast over 335 villas and apartments, three swimming pools, a new & unique clubhouse, a family centre, two gyms, a full service spa as well as offer fully furnished homes with professional management always on site. “Dolphin Village is a family oriented place that caters to the business community,” she adds. The group plans to develop a multi-use project in the Bausher area, which will have two Accor franchised hotels on the property. “Our company owns a number of five & four star hotels in Europe & North America and the hotels in Oman will continue our tradition of providing luxury places to visit. The Oman hotels will be high four star properties. As a company, we feel this is the right time to move forward with our Oman strategy. Tourism and real estate is expanding, and Oman has become a regional as well as a global destination.” She continues, “the Bausher property will also include, a shopping mall & promenade, over 700 apartments as well as three office buildings and a distinctive museum that will feature both special family collectables as well as Omani artefacts.” Natasha remembers how her father extolled the merits of Bausher decades ago, “My father is a visionary and he always told us that the Bausher area is going to be special, at a time when Qurm was the centre of Muscat. Now with the development of the Muscat Expressway, Bausher has grown and is centrally located and within easy access to all areas of the Capital.”

Natasha recalls an early trial was gaining her father’s faith. She recollects how it was challenging when the younger generations efforts to improve, change and contribute were occasionally seen as being a bit disruptive. “My father, comes from different generation with different thought processes but gradually we managed to understand each other and find a middle ground.” Natasha added “my father always emphasised education and placed us in first-class schools, this helped him respect our views and with experience allowed us to develop into the managers we are today.”

Natasha says that along with her siblings they strive daily to improve the business by bringing in ideas and fresh thoughts. Even though sometimes her father feels that her generation will take risks, he realises that his children are capable of steering the company in new directions taking it to new heights. Natasha is also aware that her father will treat her no differently than any of his other executive managers. “I am required to explain to him, as the Chairman, the decision process and take responsibility. He treats all of his children as he does his other executive managers. If we make mistakes we suffer the consequences and try our best next time. I believe it might be harder on us than the other senior staff as we never want to let down our Chairman but more importantly our father.”

All three siblings are involved with the business and they have established a good working relationship in which there is room for negotiation and disagreement. Overall, there is a realisation that the business does not belong to any one person but to everyone. Her father has given his children the confidence and authority to take the business forward, but he is always available for advice. Speaking about their business ethos Natasha says, “All of us are conservative and believe in taking calculated risks. We will not venture into an area where we are doubtful about the benefits to the overall company and we constantly look at the future more than our present needs.”

Presenting the question on why the family has not completely hired outside professionals to run the company Natasha explains, “We currently have a number of well qualified senior staff and hiring additional management is something that we have considered. I think it is a reasonable idea to have non-family members helping manage the business, while we keep a watch, but we are not ready for a total non-family management style as yet. Maybe we enjoy getting our hands dirty but the key is no one will respect and protect the company, as our family will. The family members have a number of ideas that we want to implement. Possibly after the major Bausher project, that we are executing, we will bring in more professionals to help manage the business, we will address that hurdle at the appropriate time. We have also talked about going public and that too is on the radar.”

Stepping out
Natasha was the head of the Business Women’s Forum of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) for four years and she recalls it as a wonderful experience and a great learning ground. It gave her a better understanding of how the government operates and how to work within its parameters. The OCCI and its Women’s Forum was a bridge between the government and the private sector. An extrovert by nature, Natasha voiced her views and helped the forum gain an even stronger respectability.

Though there is no formal family constitution, Natasha says that her father has divided the business equally amongst his children keeping in mind the talents of each person and the best interests of the company. She is mindful that succession planning matters and will not be disregarded, for generational preparation is the cornerstone of longevity of a family owned and run business.

Natasha says that the idea of working outside the family business has never really crossed her mind; she enjoys working for Yahya Group Holding. “For us this company is important, as it is not only a business but a legacy. My father built this business and at this time we would not allow it to be controlled by others. Working in another company is an option but not for me,” she adds. Even though this has been her path, Natasha is clear that she will not force her choice on her children, “I will leave my children to do whatever they desire to do, if they believe they would be good for the business I would encourage them, without pushing them,” she signs off.

36 new villas & apartments to open November 2013

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Dolphin VillageYahya Group Holding is pleased to announce the November 2013 opening of additional new villas and apartments to Dolphin Village’s residential resort community.  Dolphin Village is located in the rapidly growing Bausher area of Muscat.  The Village is within a short distance of all parts of the Capital, and an easy drive to the Muscat International Airport and Commercial Business District of Ruwi.  The gated neighborhood is home to primarily ex-pat families and is the place of choice to live.  In a clean and safe environment, the community offers a variety of facilities for residents’ pleasure.

Recently, a state-of-the-art gym and spa has been constructed.  The gym will be opening shortly, with the spa following.  These amenities, along with the future clubhouse currently being built, will continue to make Dolphin Village one of the premier locations to live in.

In November, 36 new residences will be available as part of the current phase. Dolphin Village will open 10 four-bedroom twin villas & 6 two-bedroom twin villas. An additional 8 three-bedroom apartments, 8 two-bedroom apartments and 4 one-bedroom apartments will also be opening.  In the Village, all new and existing apartments & villas are two stories.  Apartments are located on either ground level or the first floor; all villas have two floors.

In January 2014, Dolphin Village will introduce 6 four-bedroom twin villas, 16 three-bedroom apartments, 8 two-bedroom apartments, and 4 one-bedroom apartments.   This phase will account for 34 additional homes opening adjacent to a brand new in-ground swimming pool.  This 1.9 meter deep pool will integrate a gradual slope feature for children or relaxation. 

The modern and efficient Dolphin Village will provide many options for our potential members as to the type of home and service that we offer. All residences are equipped with a refrigerator, stove & oven, washer, air conditioners, curtains, wardrobes, telephone line, multi-satellite TV channels, Wi-Fi, assigned private parking, gardeners, 24 hour maintenance, daily garbage collection, 24 hour security and onsite professional managers. Homes can be leased as unfurnished (including all the amenities above) to fully furnished & serviced residences.  Services include housekeeping and laundry.

Dolphin Village looks forward to the opening of our new gym & full-service spa coming soon. When completed in 2014, the Village will offer 337 homes, a clubhouse and three pools along with all our other amenities.  Dolphin Village has been in demand and enjoys 100% occupancy. The community continues to expand and grow together with its members. 

Dolphin Village – it’s where you belong.

Groundbreaking news

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New Clubhouse DesignConstruction of the new Dolphin Village premier clubhouse has begun. As the heart of the community, this clubhouse will provide residents a place to eat, drink, and relax in style. This first-class building will be eye-catching. Dolphin Village, located in the quickly expanding area of Bausher, is excited to offer their residents a top-of-the-line experience.

The new building will be more spacious than ever, and therefore allows for several enhanced features & services. To create more of an open and engaging atmosphere, a floor to ceiling glass wall will be facing the pool with a unique indoor/outdoor bar and two-tiered restaurant. Full service can be enjoyed indoors at the restaurant or lounge and also on the deck overlooking the pool & natural beauty of the Omani mountains.

The 3.5 meter deep pool slopes to a shallow area, so people of all ages can enjoy. Whether the large main pool is used for lounging or exercising, there is something for everybody. New decking technology will also be installed in order to reduce heat reflection and allow for better drainage. The newly expanded sundeck/terrace offers a panoramic view of the mountains and dunes.

Completing the clubhouse will be a family area with Internet access for children to do homework, play games or just socialize. On the first floor of the clubhouse building, we will offer ten executive one-bedroom apartments with balconies. The top floor will include five penthouse apartments, each with its own private sun deck.

The addition of the new clubhouse will enrich the luxury living experience provided at Dolphin Village. As the leading living community, Dolphin Village will continue to be the safe, scenic, modern, and friendly place it has built its reputation on.

Final phase of master plan underway

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Master Plan of Dolphin VillageThe gated neighborhood of Dolphin Village is enthused about expanding as a residential resort. Having already opened several new villas & apartments, to breaking ground on the clubhouse, the final phase of the master plan is underway.

Dolphin Village has done much to its property in recent months to remain the ideal destination for those seeking an inimitable experience. With its relaxed & friendly atmosphere, members are part of a premier development in Oman.

The growth of Dolphin Village will continue with the opening of its impressive new clubhouse in July 2014. The clubhouse building not only accommodates a full serviced lounge, family center, game room, and restaurant but also is home to 15 one-bedroom apartments. On the first floor of the clubhouse building, we will offer ten executive one-bedroom apartments with balconies. The top floor will include five penthouse apartments, each with its own private sun deck. Tenants will appreciate the scenic backdrop of the mountains and dunes right outside their window.

The final phase, which will be completed in September 2014, will account for 44 additional residences; 8 four-bedroom twin villas, 24 three-bedroom apartments, 8 two-bedroom apartments, and 4 one-bedroom apartments.  A third in-ground pool with waterfall features will be built as well. The 1.9 meter deep pool slopes into a shallower area, allowing children to play & parents to unwind.

All residences are equipped with a refrigerator, stove & oven, washer, air conditioners, curtains, wardrobes, telephone line, multi-satellite TV channels, Wi-Fi, assigned private parking, gardeners, 24 hour maintenance, daily garbage collection, 24 hour security and onsite professional managers. Homes can be leased as unfurnished (including all the amenities above) to fully furnished & serviced residences. Services include housekeeping and laundry.

Once the transformation is complete, Dolphin Village will offer 337 homes. Our fully equipped gym & spa, along with the clubhouse, are a few exciting highlights of the expansion. More amenities include: three swimming pools, a children’s playground, tennis courts, a squash court, dance studio, and aerobics room. Dolphin Village works hard to cater to its members and deliver the luxury living experience they seek.

CNN’s Marketplace Middle East Interview

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Yahya Group Holding’s Managing Director interviewed on CNN’s Marketplace Middle East

To view on CNN’s Website click here


Mr. Naseeb Yahya Nasib, the Managing Director for Yahya Group Holding LLC, was interviewed by award winning host John Defterios for the CNN weekly show Marketplace Middle East.

Mr. Nasib discussed the challenges faced by family owned multinational conglomerates and the opportunities for growth in Oman. The interview features the multiple holdings of Yahya Group and was conducted at their Head Office.

The show will air multiple times on CNN:
Thursday, 29 August – 7:45 PM
Friday, 30 August – 12:45 PM
Saturday, 31 August – 10:15 AM
Sunday, 1 September – 9:15 AM & 7:45 PM

Dolphin Village website launch –

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Dolphin Village is delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

The website was created as a one-stop-solution for our residents, patrons and potential residents. The site is designed to inform online visitors about our services, offerings, club news and a quick connection to the Dolphin Village Facebook page.

With the increasing popularity and expansion at the Village, we understand the need for a comprehensive web presence that can offer an overview of the current & future plans in store for our community.

Details about our present & upcoming homes, leasing specifics, clubhouse, pool, restaurant and leisure facilities are included on the site.  The new menus are only a click away and we will update the site with features of the new spa & gym facilities.

As a convenience to your visiting guests the site has a satellite map and printable map to locate Dolphin Village.

Please keep an eye on for information and new photos as our projects approach completion.

Dolphin Village Opens 68 New Homes

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Dolphin Village

Dolphin Village

Dolphin Village, a residential resort community in Bausher has opened sixty-eight additional residences: adding twin villas and one, two and three bedroom apartments to the current 140 homes in the Village.

The Chairman of Yahya Group Holding, Mr. Yahya Mohammed Nasib, who owns Dolphin Village told the Times of Oman; “As we have been 100% occupied we decided to expand and improve Dolphin Village”. He continued, “We are unique in that we offer a community to ex-pat families with a variety of facilities and the flexibility to have the type of home they want from unfurnished to fully furnished and serviced”.

Initially Dolphin Village was 83 villas with a clubhouse, restaurant, pool, gym and tennis courts.

Over the past six years the transformation into modern and efficient homes has been taking place. Ken Mueller, General Manager of Dolphin Village said, “We are in Phase III of our rebirth. Adding 68 new homes, in little over a year, has been an accomplishment for Yahya Construction as they isolated the construction site and had minimal disruption to the Village”. Mr. Mueller also stated, “We have over fifty percent of this new phase already leased, this is a testament to the quality of our construction and the community we offer”.

Times of Oman was also informed that the clubhouse and restaurant is going through a rejuvenation during Ramadan and a new state of the art gym and full service spa will be opening in October of this year.

Article from The Times of Oman, 6 June 2012

Yahya Group to develop Bausher land for multi-use complex

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Naseeb Nasib, Managing Director

Yahya Group Holding LLC, the company behind the Dolphin Village residential resort, is planning on building a community for up to 1,500 residents, including two hotels, a shopping mall, apartments and a museum, on 130,000sq m of land next to Dolphin Village in Bausher .
Still in the early stages of planning, the unnamed mixed-use development includes 600 apartments and townhouses, along with two luxury hotels, a ‘specialized’ mall with an anchor store and a museum with a library designed to showcase Omani art.
The community will be developed in three phases, the first of which is designed to coincide with the completion and opening of the revamped Muscat International Airport.

Naseeb Yahya Nasib, managing director of Yahya Group Holding LLC, told Muscat Daily that the company is investing in Oman as the government increases it’s spending on infrastructure projects.
He said, “Because Oman has been putting a lot of money into infrastructure in the last few years, we feel this is the right time. We are planning for our first phase to coincide with the opening of the airport.”
Nasib said that there would also be office space for multinational companies in the project, which will be fully pedestrianized in order to enhance the community feel of the development.
“We will have two hotels on this land, a shopping mall and a commercial and residential district. The entire area is pedestrianized. All the roads will be on the outside, except for roads leading to the mall and hotels,” he added.

The Yahya Group managing director added that around 300 of the residential units will be for sale, with ‘about an equal number’ available for rent.
As work on this new project begins, the final phase of the company’s Dolphin Village expansion is also expected to be completed in 2014, with two-thirds of the work already completed.
The expansion will take the capacity of the complex from 142 units and approximately 450 people to 326 units and more than 1,000 people by the time the final phase is finished.
As part of the Dolphin development, two extra swimming pools and a new facility to house a full-service spa and gym will also be built.

This article is from Muscat Daily, on 31, March 2012

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